English week of the 4th Class


Last week the fourth grade of the EMS Strasshof had an English week. The plan was to fly to England and visit London, but because of the Covid19 measures we could not fly, so four native speakers visited the school. Instead of being all together we split into four groups this week.

One the first day we got to know our native speakers Rhi, Eric, John and Nicole. We played some games like "opposites", "favorite things", "zip, zap, zop" and "what's the lie" and learned about London. Then we talked about the performance and our project, we were allowed to choose to create our own film, a quiz show or program a game.

The following days we were working on scripts and costumes for our show and we developed our projects. It was difficult, but we also had a lot of fun. Tuesday and Wednesday were long days, so it was very nice that our teachers made fish and chips for us on the second day. It was very good!

Teacher's note: they were really British and formed a nice queue to get a second plate. John, one of the natives, brought along some malt vinegar to try with the fish and chips. He was surprised that many of them tried it.

Eric taught us many things about moviemaking and different kinds of camera shots for example: ECU (Extreme Close Up), CU (Close Up), medium and wide. We were rehearsing a lot and to keep us motivated we played some games or talked about advertisements, music or creative writing.

One the last day we all performed our own shows for everybody of fourth grade, showed our projects to the group and got our certificates.

In the end everyone did their best and we loved our English week <3

Article written by 4cd standard AHS group